About Santiniketan

santiniketanA small town near Bolpur about 212 kms north of Kolkata, is Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore’s Shantiniketan. His vision became what is now a University town – Visva-Bharati University. The place now attracts many visitors each year. With the financial backing of the Maharajah of Tripura, the Visva-Bharati Society was established in 1921. Tagore envisioned a center of learning which would have the best of both the east and the west. His Nobel Prize (1913) not only enhanced the pride of India but also the prestige of Shantiniketan. It was named Visva-Bharati, which was defined by Tagore as “Where the world makes a home in a nest.” The Open-air education as opposed to being cloistered in the four walls of a classroom became a reality here. Eminent personalities from all over the world came to Visva-Bharati during its peak period. Indira Gandhi, Satyajit Ray, and Amartya Sen are among its illustrious students.
Kala Bhavana, the art college of Shantiniketan, is still considered one of the best art colleges in the world. Other institutions here include Vidya Bhavana: the Institute of Humanities, Shiksha Bhavana: the Institute of Science, Sangit Bhavana: Institute of Dance, Drama and Music, Vinaya Bhavana: Institute of Education, Rabindra Bhavana, Institute of Tagore Studies and Research, Palli-Samgathana Vibhaga: Institute of Rural Reconstruction, and Palli Shiksha Bhavana: Institute of Agricultural Sciences.
Shantiniketan also has some splendid sculptures, frescoes, murals and paintings of Rabindranath, Nandalal Bose, Ramkinkar, Binod Bihari Mukhopadhaya and others.Shantiniketan is also famous for its fairs and festivals like Poush Mela (December), Joydev Mela (January), Basanta Utsav (March) and the famous Mystic Baul Singers.